Academic Staff College: The Administration




Prof. Kunal Chakrabarti                              Director


Director's Office


Mrs. Veena Arora                                  PA to Director

Mr. Ajay Sharma                                  Senior Technical Assistant 



Assistant Director                              Dr. Rakesh Batabyal

                                                            Academic concerns of the college



Section Officer                                   Mr. P.Chahar

                                                            In-charge of administrative and financial matters


Librarian                                             Mr. S.C. Sharma

 In-charge of library and also liaison with other      




Mr. Irshad Ali                           Senior Assistant (In-Charge of all Accounts)


Mr. Ramesh Chand                  Caretaker (maintenance of the premises)


Mr. Rakesh Kumar Dedha                    Jr. Assistant


Mr. Ramprasad                                    Attendants

Mr. Yash Pal                            -


Mr. Om Prakash                                  (Hygiene and Cleanliness)

Mr. Rakesh Kumar                   -