M.K. Gandhi's "Constructive Programme: Its meaning and place": Contains a powerful critique of the educational system and a broad vision of which direction to move in.

Cinema and Terrorism in India: 1990s: by Rakesh Gupta. A political scientist's look at some Indian films on terrorism.

Dil Se: by Rakesh Gupta. - A formula format drapes consciousness about terrorist personality

Hierarchy and difference: by Dipankar Gupta. Carefully examines the concepts.

Life History: A tool for a humanistic approach to social sciences: by Devesh Vijay.

The Theoretical Premises of Structural Liberalization: A critique: by Prabhat Patnaik

Issues in the Economics of Health: Lecture Notes and Reading List: by D.N. Rao

Recognizing Multiple Modernities: A Prelude to Understanding Globalization - T.K. Oommen

Marxism and International Law: A Contemporary Analysis - B.S. Chimni
The Concept of Culture in Globalised Times and in My Classroom - Maitrayee Chaudhuri

The Aryan Question Revisited - Romila Thapar

Notes on Cultural Globalisation: From Agri-culture to Agri-business in Karnataka - M.N. Panini

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